What is the Booking Wizard?

N.B - The Booking Wizard is currently under construction. When the terms of a booking have been agreed (either verbally or by email), please use your standard booking procedure. Please refer to the 'How do I confirm a booking with a guest?' section on this Owner Support service. 

The Booking Wizard is a system which TVC has designed to facilitate bookings between you and a guest.

By way of automated emails and Pdf attachments, the Booking Wizard will guide you through the whole reservation process, issuing guests with the Terms and Conditions for the villa (you can use the ‘Standard’ T&Cs we provide or upload your own personal draft), a Booking Form, Confirmation Invoice and Booking Confirmation.

The Booking Wizard also saves your bank details so that they can automatically be sent to guests after they have approved the Booking Form.

For security and peace of mind when booking, we advise you always to use the Booking Wizard to confirm a reservation.

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