Why is it important to use the Booking Wizard?

N.B - The Booking Wizard is currently under construction. When the terms of a booking have been agreed (either verbally or by email), please use your standard booking procedure. Please refer to the 'How do I confirm a booking with a guest?' section on this Owner Support service. 

The Booking Wizard has principally been designed for two reasons: to back up a booking with the necessary legal documentation and for your security.

By requiring guests to agree to the Booking Form and Terms & Conditions, both parties will be  legally bound by the terms of the agreement as laid out in those documents.

Furthermore, TVC has created a system whereby only registered owners (who have been fully verified) are able to log their bank details into the system. In the unlikely event that your account is hacked, your bank details cannot be changed without a security code sent to your registered telephone.  

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